Drive Medical EXP19LTBL Lightweight Expedition Transport Wheelchair

Drive Medical EXP19LTBL Transport Wheelchair

Drive Medical EXP19LTBL Transport Wheelchair
Drive Medical EXP19LTBL Transport Wheelchair

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About the Product
  • Weighs only 19 lbs
  • Folds flat for easy transport; Handy lever on chair back makes it easy and convenient to fold back down
  • Comes with seat belt
  • Companion activated wheel locks
  • 12″ flat-free rear wheels

From the Manufacturer

Comes with 12-inches flat-free tires for a stable ride over a variety of terrain

Comes with seat belt

Overall Product Height: 38 inches

Overall Product Length: 38 inches

Overall Product Width: 22 inches

Overall Length w/ Riggings: 38 inches

Actual Product Weight: 29 lbs

Casters: 8 inches

Handy lever on chair back makes it easy and convenient to fold back down

Product Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Folded Dimensions: 38 x 10.75 x 38 inches

Closed Width: 10.75 inches

Back of Chair Height: 18 inches

Seat to Floor Height: 19 inches

Armrest to Floor Height: 27 inches



Folds flat for easy transport

Armrest Length: 14 inches

Seat to Armrest Height: 8 inches

Back of Chair Height: 18 inches

Width Between Armrest Pads: 16 inches

Width Between Posts: 16.75 inches

Width of Seat Upholstery: 18.5 inches

Depth of Seat Upholstery: 16 inches


Product Description

Color: Blue

Although the Expedition 19″ Aluminum Transport Chair in an attractive blue by Drive Medical weighs only 19 pounds, it supports up to 300 lbs. This transport chair comes standard with 12″ rear flat free tires to provide a stable ride over a variety of terrain. The companion activated wheel locks and seatbelt make the Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair safe and easy to use. The Expedition folds down flat for convenient storage and transportation.

About Manufacturer’s Warranties

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Lightweight Wheelchair Arm Detachable with Elevating Legrest


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Q & A


QIt this truly only 19 lbs? If not, how much does it actually weigh?

AYes, the chair weighs just 19 pounds.

Here is a link to our listing:

Qwe can’t get the back to go up–how do you unlock it after it is folded?

ANever had a problem. Just pull it up on the handles and it should lock in place.

You have to have the seat spread open in order for the back to go up and then pull up the handles and they lock in place.

QWhat shade of blue is the blue model? Navy, light, dark, bright?

AOurs is Navy blue, quite dark. We have also added a wheelchair cushion makes it more comfy.

QWife has a transfer chair. being immobile she has gained width and it is too snug sitting in the chair. How wide is the seating area of this chair?

AThe seat is 19 inches wide. Drive medical makes a chair that has a 22 inch seat. It is the Bariatric chair.

QHow wide is the whole chair. The available space for my mother to move dad into the bathroom is just 21 inches so I need to know if this will fit.

AThe widest point on the front and rear wheels are the caps on the wheels and they need 22 inches of width to go through. 

Top Reviews


Does what it is advertised as. Good value.

The Drive Medical Lightweight is the perfect wheelchair for my wife. It moves easily throughout our house and is compact enough when folded to easily store when not in use. The chair is easy to lift and place in the trunk of our car. The large rear wheels make it easy to move over bumpy parking areas and sidewalks.

My original rating was only 4 stars but after reviewing I have changed that to 5 stars. The brake issue was remedied by further adjustment and after looking at the construction I did notice that there were gussets welded to the frame joints where needed. I would recommend this chair for someone that needs a lightweight and easily maneuverable wheelchair.

Drive Transport Wheelchair EXP19LTBL

I really like this chair as it is light weight and easy for me to handle. Unfortunately it broke after about 3 weeks and I hope that was a fluke. I contacted Amazon and got Pascale and she is shipping another that I should have tomorrow afternoon. You can’t beat that service, thanks Pascal.

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Great chair for my Dad!

This is a new transition for my 91 year old father…it became too difficult for him to walk with a walker when we go on trips and so I ordered this chair. He fits in it and it was ready to use right out of the box. I wouldn’t even count hooking on the foot rests as assembly. We bought the suggested set of 3 items and the seat pad was a perfect fit and comfortable…Thank you for making my life a little easier…

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