Braun Series 5 590cc Review

Braun Series 5 590cc
Braun Series 5 590cc

PROS / You get 45 minutes of runtime wire.

Cons / about 2 pounds, which is a bit heavy.

Judgments / The Braun Series 5 590cc electric shaver provides a close, smooth shave and flexibility, making it one of the best you can buy.

The Braun Series 5 590cc electric razor wire running 45 minutes time, the ability to wet and dry, and many convenient features. These features and more make this shaver our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


Shaving Performance

Shaving in either dry or wet a situation is not a problem for this electric shaver foil. You can use it in the bathroom, shaving cream, or even on dry hair. On a full battery, you get 45 minutes in the wire running time, which is good for some situations suffocate before shaving to recharge.

This razor has a three-act cutting systems, provide a shave using a trimmer leaf pair and between. It includes a pivoting shaving head, which makes it easier to scrape curved like the chin and jaw line and still get shaved.

Regardless of how hair grows – thick or thin, in one direction or more – flexible cutting elements Shaver leaves of help you get all your facial hair thoroughly. These factors help move the razor cut and adapt to your face especially to cut their hair short and long term with all the angles.

In our testing, razors provide a shave, and overall it is very smooth. However, the average length of the beard, it was up to four passes over the same area to get the shave we’re looking for. While shaving, we are very happy to see that the razor does not irritate the face at all like many electric shavers can.

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Razor Design

You get all the standard features on this electric shavers, which adds to its convenience. It includes a battery indicator that shows you how much battery power remains, a precision trimmer that you can use to shave your sideburns, and a wireless option, you can use when you need to shave, but the battery is not fully charged.

It measures 6.5 x razors 2.5 x 1.5 inches, which is normal for an electric razor. Although it is a bit heavy, weighing 2 pounds, it feels normal in our hands in the time trial and did not cause any tension while shaving. We love how easy control access while using it, but they are a bit confusing.


One of the features of our favorite on the station shaver is all-in-one cleaning and charging base. This accessory allows you to charge and cleaning the units at once by placing it in the dock when it is not used. The dock is very simple to use, too. All you have to do is put the shaver in the dock and press a button.

You can also clean the Braun shaver by rinsing it under running tap water, although the cleaning station to provide a more thorough wash. In our testing, we found that the razor is very simple to clean with tap water and even more convenient to wash using cleaning stations.

Razor also includes a travel bag, and you can take advantage of its tourism-lock when you pack it in a suitcase so it will not come out at random. LED display screen when you have the key tourist spot, and it also tells you battery status and health.

Warranty & Support

Braun razors star with two-year warranty that you see on most electric razors. If you need help with a razor, you can contact by phone or email Braun. Braun also provides FAQs on its website for reference at any time.

In brief

The Braun Series 5 590cc electric shaver includes a number of convenient features, including all the standard features you’d expect from a shaver. Most importantly, it provides a razor, shaved nearly without any stimulation.

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