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Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2017 & Ultimate Guide


Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2017 & Ultimate Guide

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2017 & Ultimate Guide
Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews 2017 & Ultimate Guide

Innerspring mattress have been around for decades and remain one of the most popular types among consumers compared to other types. You have probably been doing research recently and come across these types of mattresses for sale a lot on many websites and retailers. Although they are the most popular, surveys show that they aren’t necessarily the most satisfactory in terms of owner satisfaction. The best rated mattress in order are memory foam, latex, air and then innerspring.

If you are in the process of buying you may want to check our comparison table for some of the best mattresses around, and perhaps read the innerspring mattress reviews for expert advice and opinion. Our buying guide covers everything you need to know and more when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs. All figures and specs here are for a Queen Size; other sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, King and California King will have different specs.

Top 10 Comparison Table

What Is An Innerspring Mattress?

Commonly referred to as a spring mattress, in short, the innerspring is mainly built internally of coils and typically consists of three components: the support layer and the comfort layer, and fabric cover:

Support Layer

Also known as the spring core, this is the main bulk or body of the interior which provides the support whilst sleeping. It is made up of hundreds or sometimes thousands of steel springs, also known as coil springs, or coils. There are various factors to consider within this layer which all combine to determine whether it’s a firm or soft, and whether it’s an expensive or cheap mattress; such factors include (but not limited to) the gauge and count, which we will discuss in detail further on.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer (also known as the upholstery layer) is the top layer and is made of various foams or fibers to provide cushioning and comfort at the surface. Most common materials in the comfort layer are regular polyurethane foam, visco-elastic, gel memory foam, or latex. The cheaper options may have a top layer consisting of polyester material, cotton, or polypropylene (celestra).

Fabric Cover

The fabric cover (or Ticking) is what encases the whole mattress i.e the comfort and support layers. This encasing can come in all colors and patterns, and is mostly made with polyester yarns. The most expensive mattress may have ticking containing a combination of polyester with rayon, cotton, silk, or wool.

Different Coil Types

There are four main types of coil pattern and design within a spring mattress. You are most likely to see some if not all types are commonly available and are sometimes advertised as one of the below:

Open Coils

Commonly referred to as the Bonnell, this is the oldest and most common type of system used mostly in cheap mattresses. It consists of multiple hour glass shaped springs made of tempered steel laced together to form the bulk of the innerspring structure. Compared to the more superior innerspring types the open coil design provides average durability, longevity, motion isolation and support, but doesn’t rate as high as the next three listed below.

Offset Coils

Offset coil mattresses are usually more expensive than a Bonnell. They have a similar type of design and structure but each spring is hinged together which provides better motion isolation and body contouring. For this reason they tend to be found in mid or high priced mattresses.

Continuous Coils

As the name suggests, this system consists of rows of springs, made with one long tempered steel wire, shaped into springs which run the length or width of the bed. You will often find this type in low or mid priced mattresses due to the reduced amount of motion isolation and body contouring.

Pocket Spring

Also known as a pocket coil or pocket spring mattress, these are made up of hundreds or sometimes thousands of individual springs which act independently of each other, and are wrapped in some kind of cloth or fabric. This type is generally considered the best innerspring mattress core and is usually more expensive than the previous three, as it offers supreme motion isolation, support and longevity.

Custom Patents

The above listed are the most common and generic types, however certain manufacturers have taken the traditional style of coiling and improved them. Such patents for example are the FreeFlex Innerspring and TrueSense coil design by Serta. Of our 10 innerspring mattress reviews the Comfort Bedding also uses a non-standard design known as the Verticoil. All of these designs are cutting edge technology aimed at providing new and improved ways of producing comfortable yet effective support whilst sleeping.

Coil Count

This literally means the number of coils (or springs) that the inner structure is made up of. Its common to see figures in excess of 500, even 2000 springs in some premium models. It’s important to remember that most figures are quoted for a queen size, and if buying a twin or full for example the figure should differ between models. Generally the higher the count the higher the price, but don’t forget it’s not just the total number of coils that matter, you still have to consider factors such as the design in place and wire gauge.

Coil Gauge

Aside from the comfort layer characteristics, another main factor that determines the firmness level is the coil gauge. Coil gauge measures the thickness of the springs used to make up the overall construction. The higher the figure, the thinner the spring. The lower the figure, the thicker it is. For example an innerspring mattress with a coil gauge of 12 will be firm, and one with a gauge of 15 will be soft. In order to cater for every consumer you may see this figure advertised as anywhere between 12 and 18, with half numbers in-between. As a general guide if you need a mattress for back pain relief or just prefer a firm mattress go for a gauge of approximately 12 or 12.5. For a medium finishing choose something in-between 13 or 13.5. Some people prefer a bouncy or soft mattress, if so look for 14 gauge and above.

Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Classic Brands Mercer

One of the leading manufacturers in this field brings this outstanding innovative model which makes it probably the best innerspring mattress of its type. The multiple layered hybrid design consisting of cool gel memory foam and a 13 gauge 768 fabric wrapped pocket coil count means it provides a plush yet firm feel which ensures an extremely comfortable nights sleep. Available in all the sizes including Twin XL and California King, this 12″ thick exceptional hybrid mattress comes compressed and rolled for easy delivery. Meanwhile expect to pay triple the price for this kind of product anywhere else.

Classic Brands Gramercy

Another classic from the brand who keep producing some of the best mattress for the money, the Gramercy is just that. At a hefty 14″ thick height, the extremely complex multi layer design found in the Mercer echoes here, finishing off with 13 gauge coils for a medium feel and utmost comfort. The gel memory foam and pocket coil hybrid mattress has all the positive traits of a top rated product, including great motion isolation and spinal support suited for sleepers of all positions, CertiPUR-US certified foam, 10 year warranty and compressed delivery provided in a small box. It’s worth noting that due to the flexible design, these two products are also compatible with adjustable beds, something which wasn’t the case with any innerspring mattress not so long ago.

Zinus Night Therapy

The Zinus Night Therapy mattress is a 13″ high beauty which feels as good as it looks. Like almost every other hybrid / spring mattress for sale nowadays it has the added benefits of varying densities of foam, collaborated with a fabric encased pocket spring base (690 coils) which are 12 gauge rated, meaning it is on the firm side of the scale. Certainly not plush, it’s popular and recommended for those with aches and pains, and somewhat borderlines the level of an orthopedic mattress but without the price tag. If you need something a little firmer, carry on down the page for a review on the Extra Firm, but for all intents and purposes the Night Therapy is a very good choice indeed.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima

We love the mattresses that Zinus have been producing recently and the iCoil Deluxe is no exception. The 13″ high product consists of multiple layers of varying density memory foam, and a patented iCoil base consisting of a 690 pocket spring design (which is a jam packed design for the money you pay). The firm 12 gauge coils in conjunction with the layers of premium super soft foam, provides a very supportive yet extremely comfortable plush finish. There are various sizes available from Twin up to King, and if 13″ is too high there are also 8, 10, and 12 inch variants too. You can read as many mattress reviews as you like but this one will almost certainly be high up on your shortlist.

Signature Sleep 13

With 744 individually encased coils and a 13.5 gauge coil count, on paper the queen size displays an extremely good spec, especially when compared against the listed price. It comes vacuum sealed and packed in a giant duffle bag; simply unwrap and watch it take shape before your eyes. Unfortunately currently only available in the three sizes (full, queen and king), the 13″ is well worth a purchase if you’re after a decent yet no frills pocket coil mattress.

Zinus Extra Firm

This is a very popular option among people looking for a mid priced product, and we agree that it’s possibly the best innerspring mattress in its price range. The one-sided Zinus Extra Firm is in fact a hybrid as opposed to pure spring, and consists of 3 layers; the two top are certified high density foam whilst the base is 7.5″ of their individually encased and patented pocket coil system known as the iCoil. The former provides a firm yet comfortable nights sleep, whilst the latter helps deliver perfect motion isolation and good orthopedic support for those with back problems. You will have no complaints about this all-rounder.

Englander Finale

The 10″ high all American beauty by is a fast selling popular choice among consumers. A competitive market has driven prices real low and yes this is a cheap mattress in terms of price but 100% quality all the way. The queen size Finale is based on 14 gauge tempered steel springs making it soft, yet firm. Ranging from twin across to California king, each model supports body weight evenly and comfortably. It looks and feels great, and is very affordable. What more could you want?

Signature Sleep Contour

This may be a cheap mattress but by no means is it poor quality or badly designed. In fact the 480 pocket coil system (which is rare to come by at such a low price) combined with the 15 gauge tempered steel springs provides a fine plush surface on a supreme motion isolation platform. The individual fabric encased coils provide an equal weight distribution by contouring the curves of your body, hence relieving pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back and hips. For anyone on a budget looking for something with all the bells and whistles this is certainly the best innerspring mattress you’ll get.

Dreamfoam Spring Dreams

The Dreamfoam Bedding Spring Dreams is a pocket coil flippable mattress that should outlast your average hybrid due to its two-sided design. Packed with 660 individually wrapped springs, there is superior motion isolation and contouring support for the money. Though not entirely without foam, it does exist in the design on both sides with a quilted layer around the entire body to eliminate the feel of any harsh protrusions. Backed by a 10 year warranty and made in the USA, these guys are experts when it comes to latex and memory foam, however, this new addition is certainly a sound purchase for those on a budget.

Classic Brands Advantage

Last but not least is the Advantage. Their product range has something for everyone, and this one may be at the lower end of the scale, but it’s only monetary, not quality. Another hybrid mattress which consists of a medium feel 13 gauge 768 pocket coil count and premium foam top layer, the specs match those of something double the cost. It’s slightly different to others considering there is a perimeter of firmer springs, which line the central interior of softer springs in order to increase longevity and retain shape, whilst still providing inch perfect body contouring and unrivaled support for the money. Although it comes with a 3 year warranty as opposed to lengthier 10 year+ offered by others, the Advantage is still worth a trial at least, you will not be disappointed.


It’s been a tough decision again choosing the best of 10, however we have finally concluded that our favorite is definitely the Classic Brands Mercer. There are a number of reasons why we recommend this as the best innerspring mattress over others:

First of all it comes with a whopping 768 individual pocket springs, which is a huge amount in comparison to other innerspring mattresses reviewed here, for not much more money at all. Much more springs means the surface layer supremely contours against your body almost inch perfect, so if you suffer from back pain or joint pains such as arthritis or spinal stenosis this should give you a great form of pressure point relief. Also, huge amount of individually acting springs allows for better motion isolation which means that your partner could be tossing and turning all night long but you would probably feel none of this movement at all.

As well as the number of springs and construction type, the multiple layers of cooling gel memory foam towards the upper surface mean you’ll never sleep hot and bothered again; the unique ability of gel helps maintain body temperature instead of making you hot like other types of bedding technologies.

There isn’t a better spring mattress we can recommend at the moment. Yes it’s slightly pricier than the other nine, but in comparison to other big names, you could easily pay twice or even three times the price for something of a similar spec. You really do get what you pay for in terms of quality materials, cutting edge design, and peace of mind in the form of lengthy warranty provided by one of the worlds leading bedding manufacturers.


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