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We Tested A Bunch Of Beard Oil So You Wouldn’t Have To – Here’s What We Found

The story going around lately about your beard is as dirty as a toilet may have been exposed, but let’s face it: Your beard is a natural trap for all all kinds of dirt and bacteria, so if you are going to develop, you owe it to yourself to keep it well groomed. That’s where the enters beard oil. You’ve probably heard of them, but many guys I’ve talked to do not really know why or how they are used, or where to start when it comes to choosing one. they will make your face shine? Why would you use oils on your face? Read on, and we will clear it all up.

Why use oil Beard?

Beard oil may require to make your beard grow faster, stronger and thicker, and it can also be an additional benefit, but it is not the whole story. David Pirrotta of Brand Management David Pirrotta (a distributor for brands including apparel and Sachajuan Grown Alchemist) put it this way: “Think about the beard as perfume oil, but one that doubles as a hair and skin moisturizer on top to add shine and body of your beard. bearded quality oils will soften your facial hair, as well as moisturize the skin, reduce itching and facilitate beard healthy development. ”

Why not just use a moisturizer, then? According Pirotta, “Most of these creams is really watered down oils, allowing the growth of bacteria and cause the oils to go rancid without some kind of preservatives. Oil and helps lock moisture protect skin against environmental impact, while providing a strong dose of nutrients. ”

You may wonder that putting oil on your face will lead to acne. Andy Bosselman, the founder of the school, the company behind the highly acclaimed Complex Acne Control, said that it is actually quite the opposite: “Beard inability oil causing pimples, in fact, they even can help your skin. ”

According Bosselman, “quality oil like this can help to re-balance its own oil production of your skin. It’s a war situation-fire with fire – oil can make your skin less oily. If you’re concerned about a component, Google it with the word “acne. ‘If it contains a component clogged pores, do not buy it. ”

Start with a clean Beard

You exfoliate? If you have a beard (and even if you do not), your skin will thank you for it. Using a product like Dove Men Deep Clean Scrub + Care face will help you ensure that you are actually getting all the gunk out from underneath your hair before you apply oil beard.

After you wash your – your beard while still a bit damp – is the best time to use a beard oils. Normally, a few drops will do; use your hands to work the oil into your hair and the skin underneath. Not only will oil beard right down hydrate your beard follicles, it will also leave your beard smelled good (make sure that you like the smell of oil you choose – it will be right under your nose).

Bringing Oil To test Beard

It seems like a whole new crop of whiskers oil is released each month is now the beard trend has actually gone mainstream. With so many options now available, what’s really good? These oils beard is really worth the investment, and which ones will just make you itch and / or oily? I enlisted the help of some fellow with a beard and a friend to try some different beard oils and report back to me about their experiences. Here’s how it all went down.

Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil

Described as a “necessity cystic hipster approved” oil beard Grooming Brooklyn boasts a search, classic bottle inspired by a recipe sharp and the US. With the scent of cedar and wood ho, this oil helps skin “feeling refreshed, not greasy or weighed down” due to organic sesame oil and hempseed increase.

Reviewer Alex commented that it “felt a bit slimy at first, but once rubbed into the skin and beard, it smoother.” He commented that this is one of the oil will definitely use him again: “The scent is the best part. It was light and not too overwhelming.”

According Brooklyn Grooming Company’s oil and organic products free of charge, based on a classic recipe and are handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

Four Vices Beard Oil By Beardbrand

This oil, from “beard lifestyle” oriented Beardbrand, seeks to capture the essence of the urban lumberjack with a smooth blend of soy: tobacco, hops, hemp, and coffee café. Mike has tested this product, note that mixing argan oil and jojoba oil is light, and not too greasy. “It just absorbs right into my beard, and it does not feel heavy or weighed down at all. It does not feel uncomfortable, either.”

Very masculine, but light and subtle than pungent and overwhelming, it is a bit of a bitter edge, and while all my tests smelling bottles, only one option to try. “The scent really opened up after I put it into my beard,” Mike said, “but it mellowed out quite quickly.” A scent like this is not for everyone, but his fans have an obsession with Beardbrand cult like, so if you prefer your scent decidedly masculine, but not overwhelming, oil beard is worth a try.


Beard Supply Beard Oil

From Texas, Beard Oil Supply beard is 100% American made by bearded men, for men with beards. Boasting such as IPA and forest aromas of smoke, organic oil “leaves you smelling like a campfire -. But not necessarily in a bad way”
A welcome change from the big name brand oil, Beard Provides ensure their small plots are made up of only natural materials, ensure that aftershave inspired venom official is a thing of the past.

Burrough’s Beard Oil By Prospector Co.

Beard Burroughs scent of oil is a big plus for Marc. “It’s a welcome relief to find that the smell is not too cloying or overwhelming,” he said. “Hints of eucalyptus and wood chips, as far as I can tell.”

Oil does not irritate sensitive skin of Marc, but he found it to leave his beard felt more supple and less easy to manage directly after application. This slight inconvenience lasted about an hour. He noted that the oil and leave a little residue on the hands, but that it transferred well to his “chin mane.”

Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute

Port Products’ Absolutely the oil beard Beard choose my colleague Guillaume. He likes it because “it really sink into facial hair quickly, which is a great if you want to avoid the beard look shiny.” Guillaume highlighted the moisturizing properties of this oil, pointing out that it “can also be applied directly to the skin, because it acts as a great moisturizer.” Although some water will get any excess oil from your hand, Guillaume said he would “use the excess oil on my hands and apply it to my hair because it gives it a light shine and beauty nature. ”

Finally, he said, “it makes my beard easier to style and help combat dry skin feeling. The smell is quite subtle and is likely to fade around noon. It’s a woodsy smell very light but not overwhelming.


Blackbird Beard Oil

The first thing our tests recorded for the oil beard is its intense aroma. “The smell is strong and not my personal favorite,” Marc said.

“Oil is too pungent,” Guillaume added. “In fact, my eyes watered for some time after application.” He felt “manly, lumberjack” scent will attract some guys, but that’s a bit much for my own taste.

The testing also showed that it makes their skin feel a little discomfort after use, “as if I were applying perfume or aftershave,” Guillaume described – so if you have sensitive skin feel, this can not be the best option for you.

On the plus side, Marc said, “That’s easy enough to work on my beard and did not come off as too glossy or glossy.”


Beardilizer Beard Oil Collection

While most other brands have a unique fragrance oil beard, Beardilizer is six, with names such as Sandalwood Gentleman, Cherry pipe tobacco, Island Coconut Rum, Dirty South Bacon, Ol ‘Leather Cowboy and Lumberjack Cedar Leaf. Mike chose to Cedar Leaf Lumberjack scent. “It smells like I’m building a fence,” he told me as he rubbed oil into his beard. “I smell a cedar tree. I just de-barking a cedar tree and rubbed it on my face.”

I asked if the hands are oily, and he said no, his hands were too dry, the oil has soaked right. “I can even just put this stuff straight into my hands.” He certainly can feel it on your skin, “there is a real tingle. It’s not killing me, though.” A bit reluctant groomer Overall, Mike finally told me that he wanted to really enjoy the experience, and was going to start using the oils more often beard now.


The Corktown Beard Oil By Detroit Grooming Co.

The packaging on the original Detroit Corktown grooming Grooming oil company had a major update in design (from a wax sealed bottle DIY to a new, sleek, rectangular bottle with an updated logo and clean design) since we last reviewed it, and it’s now a scent in a line of many. Base oil is a surprise hit with our test. Marc describes it as his favorite being “so far.” He explained that “it is easy to apply to apply for my beard and a great ball. I did not irritate the skin (which is common with me). And the scent is in point: sweet and somehow masculine without being too cloying “.

According to the website of Detroit Grooming Co., the oil is a special blend of vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, and wheat germ, and it boasts a combined Profile scent of vanilla, cedar and tobacco. Marc said, “Think Grampa tube in a log cabin, but tweaked for young Urbanite.”

Current line includes a wide range of seven different scents, including “Lake Orchard,” “Teakettle”, “Mackinac” (which is a combination of mint and cedar wood, but I detect a note of chocolate, make it mint chocolate than anything else), “Downtown”, “Cedar Springs,” and “Detroit Belle Isle” in addition to the original scent Corktown. In our testing, Corktown is still the first choice. Alex tried the Detroit Belle Isle scent and found it “very fruity.” Mike, always drawn woodsy cedar scent, that he preferred other editions Detroit to Cedar Springs Grooming Co.


Jack Black Beard Oil

Jack Black beard oil contains a list of the ingredients are certified organic designed to bring top-quality beard and skin care directly to your face, including the Kalahari melon oil, vitamin E, oil plum , Marula oil, brown algae, and carrot extracts. Oil is vegan and cruelty free. One critic, Alex, appreciate the subtleties of oil this beard: “I like the soft nature of the scent and light notes of it. It’s not too overwhelming and as many oils masculine beard or products other aftershave. “that really means nothing? “It is not overdue welcome it,” he explained.

The mix balance and moisturize calls Mike, who also consider this oil. “My skin felt soft and moist, I like the way it smells, and it gives my beard a little sunshine, but not in a way plain crazy.” The only downside? Alex noted that he had found a bit of grease and oil in his hand, and difficult to clean.


Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil

Oil slight beard is designed to care for his beard and skin beneath it without being too “in your face” (see what I did there?). The scent, a blend of cedar, sandalwood and eucalyptus, is described by Dan test is “minimal, masculine yet sweet,” while Alex felt it was “a woody small.” The real draw of this oil is its consistently smooth “skin filled quickly” (in the words of Alex), and that is “soft and moisturizing – not greasy like others I have tried “(Dan). Dan chose this as a “Favorite certain, very encouraging.” He commented that “the smell is intense and after application of my beard felt soft and dry immediately (rather wet and oily).” The only drawback was noted by Alex, but his girlfriend is not a fan of the scent.


Billy Jealousy Gnarly Sheen Refining Beard Oil

With a full line of products “controlled beard” includes a wash whiskers, beard cold control, oil and a pig beard brush beard, Billy Jealousy is not messing around. But oil does not stand up to inspection beard? A blend of sunflower oil, butter, almond and jojoba oils, Refining Facial Oil Sheen Gnarly’s Billy Jealousy Coffee Dan’s nothing we described as “a great smell, it’s sweet and masculine. ” A large part of the search for oil and beard that works for you is to figure out how best to use it. Dan commented that their skin felt itchy the first time he used this oil, but he still tried that, and after the third time applying it (using less than he originally did), “it feels smooth and soft and less shiny.” He chose his favorite oil, “because of the smell.”



“Wow, that was intense,” Mike commented as he worked Brickell oil into his beard. “It smells like cedar.” (It really blended with peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils). The organic, natural oils that feature ingredients such as algae extract and vitamin E to condition the beard, its argan oil softens, shiny effects, and aloe to soothe and treat skin beneath. Mike has said that it felt smooth, and does not irritate your skin at all “. It does not itch or anything,” he found it a bit of oil for his taste. This is the first oil from the bearded man Brickell beauty brand, which offered the rapidly expanding line of it as an effective, non-toxic, and scientific support.


Best Damn Beard Oil By Duke Cannon

The best feature of Cannon Duke’s Beard Best Damn oil, according to our critics, Mike, is “unexpected citrus” scent. He found a refreshing fragrance, “a zesty orange with interesting depth to it” (this may be due to the inclusion of ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, wood amber fragrance snow spare, rosemary extract, clove oil, orange oil outside). He also noted that he found it “a little grease or oil than others I have tried.” Mike says he likes organic ingredients, and he plans to continue using this beard oil despite his sensitive skin can sometimes feel a little itch after application. “It is still my own stamp,” he said.

Duke Cannon not messing around: a military unit guidance of R & D products, they returned to the veterans, and they market their products for no-nonsense, hard-looking man practical, efficient, “tactical” grooming products. The company makes large bars of soap and oil beard comes in a nice big 3 oz. bottle ( “3x the size of the opponent,” the site notes).


Bearded Crew

Crew beard is making a splash with a line of oils beard in five different scents. Our experiment with their hands on them, and come back with a series of responses. Consensus on oil is that it was light and soft without being too greasy. Good Morning scent Joel saw “very citrus and acidic, like advertising. It has a kick which definitely wake you up.” Dan felt like the first day of oil, but found no scent ” a little disgusting, “while on the skin and beard. The best part of the oil, in the opinion of Dan? “I like the glass bottle and apply.” He found the scent time period to be “spicy, strong and masculine,” but ultimately a bit too overwhelming for my taste, leaving quite a noticeable ball on beards. ”


A.J. Murray’s Kentucky Bourbon Beard Oil

This is clearly a type of oil for the men serious about their beards. Joel remarked that he would not really say that it smells like bourbon, but he was very taken with the scent: “It’s delicious! Smells like something I want to eat,” adding that it “does not too feminine, either. “Although it is a serious, heavy oil (to the extent that it can be difficult to get it out of the bottle), the feeling of the oil is very light and not too fat day, and it does not leave a shadow on the beard of Joel excessive.

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Beard Bro

Beard Bro Come soon

Beard Bro is an up-and-coming brand with the goal of market domination beard: Its line includes a tool to help shape your beard may be the perfect line. Oil brand’s appeal to men who live for passion and not be afraid to share this with the world. With scents like “Rum Love” and “cigar,” it’s pretty clear what you are engaged in, even though there are suggestions scent more clearly. Jonathan, who tested Rum Love, revealed he was a bit concerned that “people will think I’m drunk (because of the smell).” He described the odor as both “sweet and musky, musky, but not like the others I had smelled oil” turned out to be much lighter than expected: “.. It’s very physical liquid on your hands, and do not really feel too strong on the beard ”

Joel, who has tested the smell cigars, commented that it “smells like Pez candy from a jar, with a touch of cigar smoke.” He was not entirely a fan of the scent, noting that “The smell is not great to start with. With and disappear quickly” He also found the oil to light overall: “it does not make the beard too greasy, and I also believe that it is kept beard firmer. it’s not too shiny, and it does not make your hands greasy when you stroke your beard (which I do often bracelets). ”

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